• Adam Blinick
    Director, Public Policy and Communications, Uber Canada
    Photo of Adam Blinick
  • Agnes von dem Hagen
    Vice President, Legal Services, Infrastructure Ontario
    Photo of Agnes von dem Hagen
  • Alberto Ñecco Tello
    Executive Director, ProInversion ((Private Infrastructure Promotion Agency), Peru
    Photo of Alberto Ñecco Tello
  • Allan Clarke
    Consultant, Allan Clarke & Associates
    Photo of Allan Clarke
  • Alvaro Maldonado
    Secretary of Productivity and Investment, Municipality of Quito
    Photo of Alvaro Maldonado
  • Amanda Farrell
    President and CEO, Partnerships BC
    Photo of Amanda Farrell
  • Andreas Mai
    Executive Vice President, Market Development & Innovation, Keolis North America
    Photo of Andreas Mai
  • Andrew Clark
    Photo of Andrew Clark
  • Andrew Doctoroff
    Senior Advisor to Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan
    Photo of Andrew Doctoroff
  • Angela Clayton
    Group Head, Buildings Division, Plenary Group
    Photo of Angela Clayton
  • Brian Bentz
    President and CEO of Alectra Inc.
    Photo of Brian Bentz
  • Brian Kelsall
    Partner, Fasken
    Photo of Brian Kelsall
  • Bryce Phillips
    CEO, Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority
    Photo of Bryce Phillips
  • Carlos Alberto Sandoval
    Vice President, Structuring and Project Management, Financiera de Desarrolo Nacional (FDN), Colombia
    Photo of Carlos Alberto Sandoval
  • Chantal Sorel
    Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Capital, SNC-Lavalin Inc.
    Photo of Chantal Sorel
  • Chris Gauer
    President, Major Projects, Infrastructure Ontario
    Photo of Chris Gauer
  • Chief Corrina Leween
    Cheslatta Carrier Nation
    Photo of Chief Corrina Leween
  • Claudio Andreetta
    Director of Business Development, Johnson Controls L.P.
    Photo of Claudio Andreetta
  • Darryl Brown
    Partner, Gowling WLG
    Photo of Darryl Brown
  • David Jull
    Senior Advisor, Transportation, WSP Canada Inc.
    Photo of David Jull
  • David McFadden
    Counsel, Gowling WLG
    Photo of David McFadden
  • Denise Arana
    General Manager, Public-Private Partnerships & Privatisation Division, Development Bank of Jamaica Ltd.
    Photo of Denise Arana
  • Divya Shah
    Senior Director, Investments, Canada Infrastructure Bank
    Photo of Divya Shah
  • Douglas R. Sanders
    Partner, Public-Private Infrastructure Projects Group, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
    Photo of Douglas R. Sanders
  • Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez
    Senior Director, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, World Bank Group
    Photo of Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez
  • Ehren Cory
    President and CEO, Infrastructure Ontario
    Photo of Ehren Cory
  • Hon. François-Philippe Champagne
    Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities
    Photo of Hon. François-Philippe Champagne
  • Gary S. Porter
    Executive Director, Corporate Initiatives, Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
    Photo of Gary S. Porter
  • Gunnar Edwin Crawford
    Head, Stavanger Smart City, Norway
    Photo of Gunnar Edwin Crawford
  • Hagit Muriel Elul
    Partner & Co-Chair, Arbitration Practice Group, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
    Photo of Hagit Muriel Elul
  • Han Bin
    Deputy Director General, Public Private Partnerships Center, Ministry of Finance, China
    Photo of Han Bin
  • Jason J. Annibale
    Partner and National Co-Chair, Construction, McMillan LLP
    Photo of Jason J. Annibale
  • Jason Calla
    Director, First Nations Health Authority
    Photo of Jason Calla
  • Jennifer Aument
    President, Transurban North America
    Photo of Jennifer Aument
  • Jim Lothrop
    Director General, Innovation Centre, Transport Canada
    Photo of Jim Lothrop
  • Regional Deputy Grand Chief Joe Miskokomon
    Anishinabek Nation
    Photo of Regional Deputy Grand Chief Joe Miskokomon
  • Joey Comeau
    Senior Vice President, Capital Services, EllisDon Corporation
    Photo of Joey Comeau
  • Hon. John Manley
    Honorary Chair, The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships
    Photo of Hon. John Manley
  • John McKendrick
    Executive Vice-President of Project Delivery, Infrastructure Ontario
    Photo of John McKendrick
  • Jon Lamonte
    Chief Executive, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)
    Photo of Jon Lamonte
  • Jordan Schwartz
    Director, Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees (IPG), The World Bank
    Photo of Jordan Schwartz
  • José Luis Morea
    Head of PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
    Photo of José Luis Morea
  • Joseph Mancinelli
    International Vice-President and Central and Eastern Canada Regional Manager, LiUNA
    Photo of Joseph Mancinelli
  • Josipa G. Petrunic
    Executive Director & CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)
    Photo of Josipa G. Petrunic
  • Karla Avis-Birch
    Vice-President, GO Stations, Metrolinx
    Photo of Karla Avis-Birch
  • Karl Schober
    Associate, Corporate Group, Dentons
    Photo of Karl Schober
  • Kelly Gillis
    Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Government of Canada
    Photo of Kelly Gillis
  • Leonard Brody
    Chairman, Creative Labs
    Photo of Leonard Brody
  • Louise Panneton
    Founder and President, P1 Consulting
    Photo of Louise Panneton
  • Mark Bain
    Chair, CCPPP and Partner, Torys LLP
    Photo of Mark Bain
  • Mark Liedemann
    Vice President, Projects, Partnerships BC
    Photo of Mark Liedemann
  • Mark Moseley
    Chief Operating Officer, Global Infrastructure Hub
    Photo of Mark Moseley
  • Mark Romoff
    President and CEO, The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships
    Photo of Mark Romoff
  • Marko Kroenke
    Head of Technology, Global Product Management, Bombardier Transportation
    Photo of Marko Kroenke
  • Mary-Frances Turner
    President, York Region Rapid Transit
    Photo of Mary-Frances Turner
  • Mauricio Márquez
    Head, Hospital Infrastructure Program, Concessions Department, Ministry of Public Works, Government of Chile
    Photo of Mauricio Márquez
  • Michael Cheong
    Chief Financial Officer, York Region Rapid Transit
    Photo of Michael Cheong
  • Mike Corby
    Director, IBI Group
    Photo of Mike Corby
  • Hon. Monte McNaughton
    Minister of Infrastructure, Ontario
    Photo of Hon. Monte McNaughton
  • Morteza Farajian
    Acting Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Director of P3 Office, State of Virginia
    Photo of Morteza Farajian
  • Nicholas Hann
    Head of Investments, Canada Infrastructure Bank
    Photo of Nicholas Hann
  • Niilo Edwards
    Executive Director, First Nations Major Projects Coalition
    Photo of Niilo Edwards
  • Nuria Haltiwanger
    CEO, ACS Infrastructure
    Photo of Nuria Haltiwanger
  • Olivia Steedman
    Managing Director, Greenfield Investments & Value Creation, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
    Photo of Olivia Steedman
  • Dr. Pamela Robinson
    Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University
    Photo of Dr. Pamela Robinson
  • Patrick Freer
    Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Fengate Asset Management
    Photo of Patrick Freer
  • Paul Martin
    Senior Vice President, Origination, Plenary Group
    Photo of Paul Martin
  • Pierre Lavallée
    President and CEO, Canada Infrastructure Bank
    Photo of Pierre Lavallée
  • Ram Mahidhara
    Chief Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
    Photo of Ram Mahidhara
  • Ron Dizy
    Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Managing Director, Advanced Energy Centre, MaRS
    Photo of Ron Dizy
  • Sarah Clark
    President & CEO, Fraser River Pile and Dredge (GP) Inc.
    Photo of Sarah Clark
  • Sarah Houde
    Executive Director, Propulsion Québec
    Photo of Sarah Houde
  • Sean Wiley
    Executive Vice President, Asset & Contract Management, Infrastructure Ontario
    Photo of Sean Wiley
  • Sharad Agarwal
    Senior Vice President, North America, EasyMile
    Photo of Sharad Agarwal
  • Hon. Steve Crocker
    Minister of Transportation and Works, Newfoundland & Labrador
    Photo of Hon. Steve Crocker
  • Susie Henderson
    North America Leader, Infrastructure Investment & Economics, GHD Advisory
    Photo of Susie Henderson
  • Tim Heavenor
    Chief Financial Officer, Graham Group
    Photo of Tim Heavenor
  • Tim Murphy
    Co-Chair, Aboriginal, Government Relations, Project Finance, Infrastructure and Energy, McMillan LLP
    Photo of Tim Murphy
  • Tim Philpotts
    Partner and Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Advisory, Ernst & Young Orenda Corporate Finance Inc.
    Photo of Tim Philpotts
  • Tomás Darmandrail
    National Director of Executive Coordination for PPP, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
    Photo of Tomás Darmandrail
  • Tom Barlow
    Partner, Fasken
    Photo of Tom Barlow
  • Yousef Salama
    Manager, Innovation, Los Angeles Transportation Authority
    Photo of Yousef Salama

P3 2019 Program


Keynote Address: Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Premier Doug Ford Photo

The Hon. Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario

As the home of Canada’s world-leading infrastructure agency and an impressive stable of well-respected infrastructure companies and experts, Ontario is primed to reap substantial benefits from the export of its P3 procurement and advisory expertise to a range of new clients globally.

On Tuesday, November 19, Ontario Premier Doug Ford will deliver a keynote detailing his government’s vision for building a prosperous, productive and globally competitive Ontario through targeted infrastructure development. In particular, he will discuss the role Infrastructure Ontario and the province’s private sector companies can play in stimulating interest in offshore investment and collaborative partnerships.

Premier Ford will be joined by Ontario Infrastructure Minister Laurie Scott. The minister will elaborate on upcoming changes to Ontario’s P3 program based on the outcomes of the Minister’s Market Sounding Initiative launched at last year’s Annual Conference.


In Conversation with Canada's Infrastructure Ministers

Laurie Scott Photo

Hon. Laurie Scott
Ontario's Minister of Infrastructure

Prasad Panda Photo

Hon. Prasad Panda
Alberta's Minister of Infrastructure

Lloyd Hines Photo

Hon. Lloyd Hines
Nova Scotia's Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Ontario has just released the biggest P3 project pipeline in its history valued at more than $65 billion; Alberta is once again embracing public-private partnerships; and Nova Scotia has recently brought health-care and transportation projects to market.

Hear first-hand from their infrastructure ministers as they discuss their common challenges, lessons learned and what projects they have planned next. This session will take place on Tuesday, November 19.


Challenging Times Ahead — A Candid Conversation with Global Infrastructure Agency Leaders

Lani Frew Photo

Lani Frew
CEO, Australia Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency

Matthew Vickerstaff Photo

Matthew Vickerstaff
Deputy CEO & Head, UK Finance, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

Ehren Cory Photo

Ehren Cory
President & CEO, Infrastructure Ontario

Overwhelming infrastructure deficits. Challenging fiscal realities. Climate change. Cyber security and the need to future proof assets. Globally, we’re facing a host of new and ever more complex infrastructure challenges that demand we recalibrate how we plan, procure, operate and maintain our infrastructure. The world’s most mature and dynamic P3 marketplaces are tackling these similar challenges in unique ways.

On Tuesday, November 19, we’ll host a candid conversation with the global leaders behind infrastructure agencies in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada where they’ll share their views, strategies and plans under consideration to rethink programs and procurement approaches to improve future infrastructure delivery.


Profitable Mass Transit at $1 a Ride!

Mark Seeger Photo

Mark Seeger
CEO, Glydways, Inc.

Every major urban centre in the world depends on mass transit to successfully move huge numbers of people on a daily basis. But mass transit is expensive to build and even more costly to operate. Imagine a mass transit system that can move more people than rail, using less than half of the space and costing 90 per cent less.

That’s the vision of Mark Seeger, a successful serial entrepreneur, who claims his personal commuting car system will provide a better-than private car experience and can be delivered with commodity technology bought off the shelf. Mark's presentation will take place on Monday, November 18.

Conference Program

The conference program is currently under development. Stay tuned for announcements about keynote speakers and sessions. If you would like to be added to our email list to receive conference updates and notices, please create an account with CCPPP.

View the Draft P3 2019 Program Times for a preview of activities at the 2019 conference.